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Your virtual power plant partner

Energy system solutions

Next generation

What do we provide you

Market access

By upgrading your electrical devices/assets we enable you participation on balancing market

Energy portfolio analysis

NGEN analyzes your energy portfolio and helps you discover its unexploited potential

White-Label solutions

We let you rebrand our service and provide you market presence under your own brand;

Technical connections

We prepare feasibility study and help you with technical and communication installations


You can control your availability for offering your device's power and energy anytime, anywhere thanks to our simple and clear visualization


We enable you active participation on balancing market/auctions


We can help you with preparing finacial plan and project documentation

Hardware & Software

We develop embedded systems and apps for energy system control in real time


We consult you at your transition to global balancing market

Our products

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Battery storage systems

We provide different suitable products for energy storage

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Energy conversion

We provide various optimal solutions for power grid stabilization

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Remote control

We provide remote control access by installing PLC for all sort of devices; production, storage and consumption

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Innovations in energy sector

We have been established as independent and flexible provider on the electricity market due to our own software development.
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Research and development

By developing new technologies, we bring you the best market solutions

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Software Development

We develop software for energy industry

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Our partner network.

Due to our experience and constant innovations, we have established a wide network of partners