Our innovation, your advantage

NGEN innovations

Dynamic pricing

With our approach to electricity charges calculation and covering the needs of end-users, we have introduced a new model that is based on solidarity and partnership. With its product range, NGEN sets new standards in the field of load optimization, arrangement and control of electricity.

The model of dynamic pricing was developed for providing products like peak load optimization in contracting with distributers. The distribution system operator or company that generates electricity, can also earn in such a way if the user reduces consumption and therefore relieves the network.

Inter processes communication

In the course of modernization and digitalization, NGEN has developed its own versatile, flexible, fast and reliable concept of communication between servers and processes.
Besides that, the communication protocol allows a very fast bidirectional data exchange between processes (regardless location or hardware).

By using the HTML templates, your data, accessed via the web, can be easily visualized. Through protocol of safe connection you can manage all services, methods and processes, and you don't need your own server for hosting a management portal. The protocol is encrypted, works on IoT devices, servers, mobile devices and in browsers.

Predictive controller model

The forecasts in the energy sector are more important than in financial. A good forecast can decide between stability and instability of the network and between profit and loss. NGEN has created a dynamic algorithm for forecasting short-term as well as long-term forecasts.
The data from different sources is joined to a combination of input parameters.

The algorithm from input parameters calculates the optimal VPP function. This will be constantly recalculated and thus automatically adapted to external influences. With its own MPC Controller, NGEN has designed a self-optimizing regulator, which reacts to market and weather changes.

Software development

NGEN uses its own environment that is based on specially developed protocol for new Apps development. This simplifies the concept of design and manufacture of network systems and ensures maximum energy flexibility, redundancy, as well as scalability and distribution of resources. Moreover, it enables distributing processes and tasks regardless of hardware and location.

All systems for processing of collected data in real time, for forecast and work schedule, control and management of decentralized plants, as well as monitoring, visualization, billing of services and energy are products of our own development.