Our products for power system frequency regulation

BESS battery storage systems

The use of battery systems for regulation has increased due to falling of battery prices, especially li-ion technology. Future-oriented distribution and transmission network operators and industrial customer use battery storage systems for managing peak demands and system regulation of the network as well as regulation of their own production assets.

With analysis of your annual load profile we calculate the optimal capacity of the battery storage system and consequent potential savings.

Information about our battery systems:
picture_as_pdf BESS Tesla
picture_as_pdf BESS PowerBank

Electric energy converter (Power to Heat)

NGEN is looking for efficient and sustainable solutions for stabilization of high voltage network. When accepting the energy strategy, the electricity generation from renewable sources has been encouraged. The amount of electricity generated from renewable sources, especially sun and wind, depends on weather variability that causes troubles in electricity generation fluctuations in the grid.
For troubleshooting of short-term surplus energy in the network, we provide technical solution of converting electricity to heat (Power to Heat).

The energy converter is placed in a standard container and is used for secondary regulation. The supplied energy is converted to heat and released to the network of remote heating. The converter is adjustable (heat-controlled), thus the entire electric power can be used.

Heat exchanger in combination with heating plant:
picture_as_pdf Energy converter

Remote control / interfaces

We claim ourselves as an independent and flexible provider since our focus lies on our own software development.